Home is where the WiFi is

An Observation of Nature

Gianluca Elia (2020, 12h, digital media)

On May 30, 2020, I've been walking the streets of Amager (Copenhagen) for 12 hours, as part of Metropolis' project Walking Copenhagen. I was listening to wifi networks' traffic, making sound out of it, and streaming it live on a web-radio for the whole duration of the performance. Once every hour I made a short video, to be live-streamed on Metropolis' page. Places I visited range from a saturday evening happy-hour-by-the-canal situation, to a desolated industrial island, a silent opera house, the town hall in the middle of the night, a surreal university at dawn. During the performance, on this website, it was possible to follow my walk on a map, listen to the radio stream, and drop me a message to support me along the way. Now this map, showing traces of my encounters with wifi data along the path, and links to the short videos, is effectively the only audio-visual documentation left of this project.
Thanks to Metropolis and Jorgen Teller for having invited me to produce this piece.